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Learning in a new way!

Mission Statement

To teach youth a healthy way of expressing themselves through art and creativity in hopes of producing a more valuable generation of young adults who inspire others. To serve as an outreach to the community of Cleburne and surrounding areas.


Your student will develop the following skills:
-Leadership skills
-Community Involvement

Multisensory and Student Centered Approach

The use of movement, touch, visual aids auditory presentation in the classroom environment really help children retain information faster. Combining arts with academics teaches children that learning can be fun. The student centered approach to learning incorporates inquiry-based learning and cooperative learning. This method advances students’ social and emotional growth.

Providing a multisensory experience often makes learning fun for children who suffer with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Some kids just don’t learn from black and white paper. Some kids are naturally creative and have a hard time retaining from stacks of books. Those same kids can retain a world of information if it involves sight, smell and touch. Our art classes and art camps will help your child stimulate the creative areas of the brain that help tremendously with memory retention. This will definitely improve your child’s ability to retain information and make better grades. This classes are not intended to replace homeschool or public school education but instead be an aid or enhancement to your current education program.


The important thing to remember is that to learn is a goal…..not a method.

There are many methods of teaching and learning styles, none of which are necessarily wrong. Each student has their own unique identity, personality and preferences. Each personality being unique is actually a very good thing. This makes group projects awesome when you put a variety of students who are all uniquely different in the same room to work on a project together. What typically happens is that each student naturally takes on a role that they prefer and work best at. This makes for an awesome team!

We love when kids come to our facility and meet other kids. The socialization that kids get in a multisensory environment is fun and memorable. They will undoubtedly make new friends and build confidence.

Contact Info

Schoolhouse Centers
Rachel House
Email: schoolhousecenters@gmail.com

The JNLong Cultural Art Complex
425 Granbury St. Cleburne, TX 76033
Phone: 817-641-4908